About the Online PIPEDA Training Class

You have likely found this course because of a requirement by an employer to complete a PIPEDA Training Class. Many employers require that their workers receive regular training on The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act. This training is generally provided on initial assignment, when regulations are updated, and when new or modified tasks or procedures may increase the need for PIPEDA awareness.

This PIPEDA Training Class provides information on important provisions of The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, how PIPEDA compares to HIPAA and GDPR, and contains additional information on provincial privacy laws and exemptions. This material aims to help organizations, employers, and employees become and remain PIPEDA compliant.

This course has been specifically pre-approved by the HR Certification Institute.

The PIPEDA Training Class may also be known by one of the following names:

Time Requirement

The PIPEDA Training Class is offered with a minimum time requirement of one (1) hour. A timer is provided to help you keep track of time spent within the course. You may start and stop the PIPEDA Training Class as often as you'd like and your progress will be saved each time. The entire PIPEDA Training Class can be completed online and does not require you to call a staff member or visit an office to complete the program.

Course Topics

The PIPEDA Training Class is presented in sixteen (16) separate sections which address the following topics:

  1. What is PIPEDA?
  2. Personal information
  3. PIPEDA's 10 Fair Information Principles
  4. PIPEDA compliance
  5. Consumer rights
  6. Organizational responsibilities
  7. Basic privacy tips for businesses
  8. What is not covered by PIPEDA?
  9. Organizational personal information policy
  10. PIPEDA vs. HIPAA
  11. PIPEDA vs. GDPR
  12. The law
  13. Provincial privacy laws and exemptions
  14. Data breaches
  15. Enforcement of PIPEDA
  16. Resources and references

Certificate of Completion

At course completion a certificate of completion will be instantly available for download and will be sent to you by email. The certificate can also be sent by email to the party that has required that you complete this PIPEDA Training Class.

We guarantee that the certificate of completion will be accepted. If, for any reason, the certificate is not accepted, we will provide a full refund.

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